Falcon Board Review

Falcon Board: Brushless Motor Electric Longboard with High Build Quality

Falcon Electric Skateboard

The Falcon Board can replace a bicycle or a car when you need to get somewhere, providing superior maneuverability. It's equipped with a truly powerful 1200W 24V motor that allows reaching a speed of up to 20 MPH.

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The model has quite a standard longboard size (7.36 x 7.2 x 3.66 inches). The gear doesn't weigh much — only 11 lbs. Hence, you can easily take it around. The Falcon Electric skateboard can hold up to 245 pounds. Nevertheless, the manufacturer notes that the board's best performance will be achieved by lighter users.

Small 7-inch trucks contribute to better mobility of the board. The wheels are larger than average (3.2 by 2 inches), giving extra stability.


The 8 Ah lithium-ion battery allows you to ride up to 17 miles on one charge. However, the battery's performance actually depends on your weight and on the road you ride on. It can last for more than an hour without any obstacles. When fully discharged, the battery needs only 2 hours to fully recover.

The Falcon has the ability to climb up to 30° incline. This feature comes very useful when riding on uneven terrain. Despite this, it still can't be used off-road.

The Falcon Electric skateboard comes with a small handheld remote that connects to the board using a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection. It allows controlling speed, braking, and provides information about the battery's charge level. However, the remote is made of plastic and can easily break if you drop it. Control via a mobile app is not available.

Unfortunately, the Falcon Skateboard isn't designed to be used as a traditional skateboard. This may compromise the inner parts of the board. So, you always must keep track of the charge level.

The Falcon Board electric skateboard runs on a durable Oxygen Tech brushless motor. The best thing about this motor is that it uses minimal power to set the board into motion and overcome resistance. Hence, it won't drain the battery in vain. In addition, it allows the unit to be more compact and lightweight. Due to the powerful motor, the board rides smoothly. Note that the brakes work out very quickly which can make you fall, so you have to be careful and wear some safety gear.

The model is very easy to maintain. All you have to do is just periodically check the deck, trucks, and wheels for the presence of any damages in order to prevent yourself from getting into trouble while riding.


The build quality of the Falcon 1200 Watt electric skateboard seems sturdy and strong. The deck is made of 9 layers of maple, so there are no reasons to doubt its durability. It's also flexible and has the ability to absorb vibrations on the road.

The board looks very simple. It doesn't contain any inscriptions or symbols, just a black top surface, combined with 4 glossy red wheels (they look just like regular skateboard wheels). To my mind, the model looks really nice and stylish.


This electric skateboard longboard by Falcon Board is faster than many similar boards, so if you are an inexperienced rider and worry about your safety, you may not find this model as the one.

The board can ride both flat and hilly surfaces thanks to the 30° incline possibility. Its motor is very energy-efficient and gives you more than an hour of the continuous ride. However, the fact that the board can't be used and a traditional skateboard may disappoint some users.

Main features

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Falcon Board

Basic Info







Number Of Wheels




1 Lithium ion

Swappable Battery



6 pounds


7.36 x 7.2 x 3.66 inches


Max Speed

20 mi/h

Charge Time

120 min

Action Radius

8,7 yards


Remote Safety-switch


20 mi

Max Load

264,555 pounds


Board Length

23,6 inches

Sentry Shield Technology

Wireless Remote

Motorized Wheels

Manufacturer Recommended age

1 Year


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Motor System

Motor Count


Motor Wattage