Yuneec E-GO2 Review

Yuneec E-GO2: Simple Board with 400W Motor

Yuneec E-GO2

With this Yuneec E-GO2 review, we offer you to take a look at this simple and high-quality motorized skateboard that can provide an easy way to get around the city. It can reach a maximum speed of 12 MPH and is offered at a good value.

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The Yuneec E-GO2 measures 5.5 by 10.5 by 36 inches. With a weight of 14.7 lbs, it can't be called lightweight. The model can support riders with a weight that doesn't exceed 200 lbs. The wheels have 3.8 inches in diameter, being pretty bulky. They will be helpful when riding on rough terrain.


The model can't offer high endurance due to the 400W brushless DC motor. Hence, it’s not recommended for riding over very steep hills. The Yuneec E-GO2 offers only a 10° incline climbing power.

The board is powered by a single lithium battery that allows you to ride a bit more than 18 miles per charge, but the actual range depends on how many hills you are going to climb during the ride. Sadly, it needs more than 3 hours to charge in full.

The Yuneec E-GO2 can be controlled using the provided Bluetooth-connected remote that includes a strap that allows wearing it on your hand for better safety. It provides speed control via a sliding mechanism. There is a switch on the remote's side that lets you choose between 2 modes:

  • Eco (up to 8 MPH)
  • Sport (up to 12 MPH)

The remote informs you about the board's low charge level by the mean of vibration. The charging is done via Micro USB. The issue with the remote is that it doesn't seem to be responsive enough, so be careful when riding at top speed.

In practice, the board feels very stable even at its highest speed. Furthermore, it's easy to brake and slow down the board since it uses regenerative braking.

This electric skateboard can be charged via a simple USB port. This port also has a secret feature — it allows you to charge a phone and other USB-enabled devices.


This board looks very basic. The only thing that makes it stand out among the other models is its angular kick tail design. Such a feature is designed to improve steering and control.

The Yuneec E-GO2 electric longboard is composed of 8-layer wood. The top surface of the board is black. The borders and the wheels can be red, blue, and green, depending on what color you will choose. The on/off button and the charge port can be found on the right side.


This Yuneec E-GO2 review has given enough information to consider this model as a very good choice for casual riders. Plus, its plain design will appeal to a lot of people, both teens and adults.

Although it takes a long time to charge the battery, it allows you to ride a long distance of 18 miles. However, the motor, obviously, isn't powerful, and the board struggles with steep hills and isn't designed for doing tricks with it. The max speed is only 12 MPH, so this model may fail you when you are in a rush.

It doesn't have any astonishing specs, but it's a great board that will easily get you from one place to another if there are no steep hills on the way. In addition, the Eco mode allows you to limit the board's max speed that is a great feature for the practice.

Main features

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Basic Info







Number Of Wheels




1 Lithium ion

Swappable Battery



15 pounds


5.5 x 10.5 x 36 inches


Max Speed

18,6 mi/h

Charge Time

120 min

Action Radius

8,7 yards


Remote Safety-switch


18,6 mi

Max Load

220,462 pounds


Board Length

28,3 inches

Sentry Shield Technology

Wireless Remote

Motorized Wheels

Manufacturer Recommended age

1 Year


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Motor System

Motor Count


Motor Wattage