Giro Seam Review

Giro Seam Helmets: Snow Helmet With Thermostat Vent System

The Giro Seam helmets are known for providing solid head protection for mountain athletes. This model has an in-mold two-layer construction that contributes to more efficient ventilation, lighter weight, and better durability. Thus, the present helmet is resistant to shocks and can be used in extremely cold and stormy conditions.

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This helmet has 11 x 10 x 9 inches in size. With such dimensions, it will easily fit under most helmet-compatible hoods. The helmet weighs slightly more than 2 pounds so it’s relatively light in comparison with many similar helmets and won’t add you excessive fatigue. Thus, it’s hard to find the Giro Seam reviews that will call this model overly heavy.


The outer shell of the helmet is made of polycarbonate and has a foam liner with impact-absorbing qualities. The helmet features the Form Fit system with convenient turn dial that makes it easy to adjust the strap for the most convenient fit with one hand in seconds, even with gloves on. The dial allows for up to 2.3 inches adjustment. Thanks to the vertical tuning feature, the helmet can fit different head shapes, as well as goggles of various sizes and styles. However, the ear pieces are non-removable which may be inconvenient for some users.

The helmet goes equipped with an anti-bacterial lining which is extremely important for any head equipment. Plus, the helmet also features washable X-Static pads.

Being equipped with stack vents, this model prevents your goggles from fogging so they always provide a clear view which is extremely important for your safety.

The Giro Seam helmets use the Thermostat vent system which effectively disperses the excess heat. The venting system is very easy to tune. The dedicated button makes it very quick to adjust the desired amount of airflow, giving you the opportunity to fully customize the venting system.

This Giro Seam snow helmet is compatible with all the Giro goggles and audio systems so you can feel free to choose. However, thanks to the flexible fit adjustment system, you can try this helmet with goggles from other manufacturers.

In terms of safety level, this helmet meets the ASTM F 2040 and CE EN 1077 safety standards which means that it can provide shock absorption protection to the head at a speed of 6.8 m/s.


This Giro Seam ski helmet has a half shell style. It features a matte finish and is available in 3 colors: black, pewter, and white. Note that the matte finish is overly susceptible to scratches and smudges. However, it’s more an aesthetic issue that doesn’t affect the helmet’s sturdiness.

In general, the helmet looks neat, with its low profile and subtle contours. The visor is barely noticeable and doesn’t extend too much from the helmet.

There are 12 vents on the helmet’s surface. The airflow control button can be found on the front, while the dial for fit adjustment is located at the base of the helmet.


As it becomes obvious from this Giro Seam helmet review, this model provides the most basic features you may need for safe and convenient skiing or snowboarding. The foam liner gives you a decent level of impact protection, while the Form Fit and vertical adjustment features provide a great convenience for users with different head shapes. The Thermostat vent system cools your head down. You also won’t have to worry about hygiene when wearing this helmet as it’s equipped with anti-bacterial lining and washable pads.

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11 x 10 x 9 inches

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